Use Empathy To Gain Clarity

Being able to emphasize with clients allows you to build trust and report.

Providing empathy In customer service means that you allow the customer to feel heard by acknowledging their feelings and ideas. Doing so helps to enhance the overall interaction. Empathy as a graphic designer, for example, is especially important because it helps to increase customer satisfaction, even after a negative experience.

Some of the specific benefits of empathy listed by clients included

- greater levels of trust between the client and creator

- a greater level of self-understanding for the client

- a greater level of security and satisfaction

Great things happen when people/clients are happy, and empathy is one of the ways to allow for ideas to flow freely and every voice to be heard with the purpose of gaining clarity. All in all Zig Zigler said it best...

"The best way to get what you want in life is to help others get what they want."

Check out this great clip from Bob Bonniol via The Futur captioned: "You'll be much more successful with your sales and marketing efforts if you're genuine. And how do you become more genuine?"