A support struggling creatives sticker on the mirror of the mobile Creative Space Studio

For Struggling Creatives is a creative consulting company formed by the common struggles and answers to each creative experience

donteze · Notes To Self ep.1 - I Don't Want To Make Music That No One Listens Too
In 2016, founder Dante Laughlin experienced a depressive episode in life as a result of gaining a college degree that was attached to debt and no real next step to life. This pain eventually found a voice in 2017 with the first episode of Notes To Self a podcast series where Dante confronts his worst struggles, insecurities, and fears to discover his answers in real-time with listeners. 
Female creator smiling in the Creative Space mobile studio
Once Notes To Self proved to be a solution for creative minds to find their answers, through this primary research For Struggling Creatives discovered a need for additional services Creative Development and Project Management.
 Once one-on-one services proved to change creatives’ struggle into strength; group events were introduced to provide a community where creative minds could let down their guard and find a solution to the issues that plagued them emotionally, professionally, and physically. Through this initial success, one need was clearly expressed, All creatives need a space to create.
Two polaroid pictures featuing the social tour's concert out of the back of the mobile studio and Haze's music video shoot.
2019 was the birth of For Struggling Creatives' first mobile studio for any creative to use to create anything anywhere. Conversed from a 17-foot box truck, the mobile studio would go on to be a catalyst for mobile art galleries, concerts, meetings, workshops, movie theatres, in addition to a playground for the human mind. 

Now, For Struggling Creatives is working to develop Creative Spaces for creators where they can thrive and generate new and robust forms of income in a way that allows them to also support other creators.