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What is project development?

Project Development is a process of project evaluations with a consultant to help you decipher your idea into scheduled tasks to help you stay accountable, create realistic deadlines, adjust to life's obstacles and develop creative ideas as your project grows.
Do I need project development?
  • You have an idea but no plan of action
  • You need help staying consistent when completing creative projects
  • You need to talk things out as you go
  • You like to focus on creating and not managing a whole project
Yes if..

How much does it cost?

Our supporters receive free project development twice a month.

Additional Project Development Sessions $25

Project Development Reports $25

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My Creative Development experience was very eye opening.
It helped me think outside the box and figure things out that I wouldn't have done on my own.
Being able to break down the creative process from idea to real life has been life saving. this is the support i always needed!

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