creators matter

We stepped up to the plate to help protect black lives
by volunteering our Creative Space at rallies and protests around New Jersey.
At each demonstration we allowed speakers to elevate themselves above the crowd using our mobile studio as a stage.

We also used the Creative Space as a resouce center for water & protection.

creators matter


For Thanksgiving we pulled up to Penn station in Newark, NJ and turned our Creative Space into a pop up barbershop for the homeless.


We also turned the front of our Creative Space into a thrift store for the homeless. All clothing and kicks were free but the love was priceless.
Our second Thanksgiving event allowed us to generate nearly $100 to support a newly opened business, Yahbies, in Easton PA.

With this support they supplied us with meals to feed an entire homeless shelter.



The Creator Stimulus package included a $100 of stimulus funds and free project development for each creator.
During the start of COVID-19 pandemic we awarded 4 creators with stimulus packages to help them sustain growth in their creative endeavors.
We collaborated with Michael Walden & local efforts to provide over 500 toys to the Bhristol Myer's Children Hospital and Women Aware in New Brunswick, NJ .

Christmas 2019

Why Support For Struggling Creatives?

Supporting us supports others.
Our company takes 0% profit of Supporter funds.
Instead of paying ourselves we reinvest in our community, pay for resource maintenance, and provide financial assistance for struggling creatives.

Because of our supporters we are a debt-free company. That means we have 100% creative control over how we service our community at all times. No big business gimmicks, we are strictly here for struggling creatives.
We own every resource we offer and continue to maintain integrity because of our supporters. We never will let anyone stand in the way of our creative services & expression.

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